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Javascript Ticker Border problem

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  • Javascript Ticker Border problem

    Hi people and here's my first post. This is very much a js programming question.

    Although the problem seems quite simple, I believe that this problem is quite advanced - we shall see. The attached .zip file contains an .htm file and a .js file. They have been produced so that the .js file (a news ticker) can co-exist on a web page with a vertical scroller.

    The problem is this - the two effects (scroller and ticker) both function on this page, however since the files have been altered in order for them both to work, half of the news ticker's border has disappeared. That is the problem. Although it seems minor - I really do need it returned.

    The problem is within the html page and not the .js file. Where the solution is I do not know, I feel that the answer lurks somewhere inside the javascript programming in the .js file.

    The following line of code was removed from the very end of the .js file and added accordingly to the body tag in the html page:

    At this stage, the ticker border was still intact, but then the html was rejigged and re-ordered to what you see now. So the question is can anyone see the solution which would restore the border. No doubt much lurks in the .js file.

    I await with anticipation and thanking you in advance....
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