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    Keeping in mind basic editing is the extent of my Javascript knowledge, I'd like to know how to insert a side navigation menu onto a web page I'm making.

    I've found an example at http://www.feyenoordnet.nl/ which is almost exactly what I'm after, but don't know exactly what code I need to replicate the same menu.
    I specifically need a six catagory menu, which may lead off to submenus (as in example) and to be able to edit the colour/graphics in the bars.

    I also need this menu to look as though it's part of a whole image, so what I'll probably have to do is slice up the image and insert the menu inbetween slices and hope it all fits in seemlessly!

    Any help would be grealy appreciated.

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    Why don't you have a look over at dynamic drive, there are plenty of menu scripts there.



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      Cheers waps. I have looked, but there isn't one which suits my needs. HV menu comes close, but it's still quite not right.


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        Looks like they are using
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