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Hello out there can I???????Help Please!

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  • Hello out there can I???????Help Please!

    Hello out there

    I was wondering is it possible to use this script to link to
    another link,
    rather then to a email address please.

    please and thanxs for help.

    <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Contact Us" onClick="parent.location='mailto:[email protected]?subject=The subject you want to appear&[email protected]'">

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    what do you mean by another link? if you mean another adresss just replace the 'mailto:[email protected]?subject=The subject you want to appear&[email protected]' by 'www.mysite.com'
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      i think he means, he wants to make it so that the button acts like a link.

      if so, this will do it:
      <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="click click" OnClick="window.location='somepage.htm';">
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