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JavaScript error when loading js-files

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  • JavaScript error when loading js-files

    My link opens a new popup-window, which includes three different js-files. Some users (not everyone!) are always getting javascript errors when loading this new window - and I really cannot find the cause! (Other links opening other windows in the same manner, also including theese three js-files, works excellent even for theese few users!)

    The error says "Row x character y '}' is expected". But there is no } missing in the code! In some way these few clients must be interpreting this code differently!? I've tried to put in alerts to find out which parts of the code has been loaded before the error occurres, but this doesn't seem to work in the particular js-file which obviously is the problem. Can someone please help me to get closer to the solution of the problem!

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    OK, if I start with this: How is the code executed?

    If a js-file, which has been included in a window starts with an alert, will this alert show up even though it may be an javascript error further down in the code?


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      I'd like to help, perhaps you could post a link to your page?

      In answer to your second question, the alert would show up(on IE anyway), unless it contains information that is directly linked to the error in question (ie. x is null or is not an object, but that has nothing to do with your problem)