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    I want to be able to have an image or some text (either will be fine) to show wether or not my home server is online. I want visitors to my website to be able to see wether or not my server at home is online, so they know wether or not they can download from me. I have created an image file that sits on my server saying that i am online, and this shows on the website when the server is online, but when it is offline, the image does not display .

    Anyideas on how i can verify if a link works?

    Thanks a lot
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    hmm no responses , Does anyone think that this is outside the range of Javascript?

    Thanks all!


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      <img src="http://someip/serverup.gif" alt="Server status" onerror="alert('Server down!')"/>


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        Thnks JKD


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          To JKD: That seems to work rather well if the server is down the first time I try it, but what if it was once up, the image was cached, and the server is now down?
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            try this:

            var timeout;
            function online() {
            document.images['status'].onerror = 'path/to/offline.gif';
            document.images['status'].src = 'path/to/online.gif';
            setTimeout('online();', 30000);

            window.onload = function() { setTimeout('online();', 30000);

            <IMG NAME="status" SRC="about:blank;">

            didn't test it at all, but in theory, that will check if your server is online every 5 minutes, and update the picture accordingly. also, instead of alerting, it loads another picture into your image tag, if you're offline.
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              WOW! That's cool! Gives me some new ideas...
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                I've just got to add:

                pastorOfMuppets is a very cool name... heheh

                Sounds like a Wierd Al "Metallica Parody" Album... LOL

                /me sings:

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                  thanks to all the others for posting ideas, (espically the ones that have got something to do with the topic)