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  • STRETCH bg image of table

    Whenever I insert an image in the background of a table, because the image is too small, it becomes TILED. However, I want the image to be STRETCHED. How do I do this?

    As a side-note, what is CSS, how is it used, for what is it used, and what site do I go to get started?

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    Doesn't anyone know?


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      Hi, well, sorry! the numbers of posts are a lot that sometimes ppl do not see your post! anyway, to be frank I dunno the answer of your first question! We do not normally do that, coz if you're trying to make a web page and you use such an image, then with stretching that the quality becomes so low that no body can even look at that, you can do that if you use a <img sr="" width="100%" height="100%"> and the rest of things, but then it's not the background image! so, just sorry.

      But about your last question, CSS is standing for Cascading Style Sheets and it's a way to manipulate the default behaviour of HTML, for example you can change the way that buttons, input texts, tables and ..... look and adjust them based on your web page, you can even change the scroll bar's color, like the thing that you're seeing in this forum. You can try the following link to learn CSS :

      W3Schools offers free online tutorials, references and exercises in all the major languages of the web. Covering popular subjects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Java, and many, many more.

      Good luck


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        one word. FLASH

        You need to look to Macromedia Flash to do what you are asking. HTML DHTML JS blah blah, it wasnt meant to do this. You will be constantly shooting yourself in the foot to get it working properly.

        Unless you are a seasoned HTML vetern, I would go learn Flash. Flash should have already taken over the net, but since its a plugin and plugins are loaded... it is still too slow to be practical. For a Gaming site or a site that is for people with high end computers (programs that require one to own a better computer to use) you can get away with having the whole site in flash.

        the only other way I can think to do this is with <div> tags and relative positioning. If you can use the <img> tag to make an image streatch, then you can place that in a <div> tag layer behind the table using a lower Z-index. And 'if' the table doesnt display a back drop over the picture

        you will have to become familiar with Cascading Style Sheets CSS before you can attempt this though.

        In the end we still have to program HTML from the HTML standpoint, NOT from the standpoint of the imagination. Flash on the other hand uses vector graphics and can do litteraly anything.

        whitness the power of flash here: http://www.praystation.com/pound.html

        learn more about CSS here:

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        ordered in preference of understanding

        -S. Bob


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          possible? probably...

          feasible for time constraints and reusability, not likely.

          I dont know about streatching the image.. I am guessing that can be done, forgot.

          <div><img></div> <-- place as an absolute position on the page

          <div><table></div> <-- use the same absolute coordinates.

          As long as the tables Z-index is higher in value then the images, it will infact be displayed ontop of the image.

          so as long as the table is semi transparent you then have what we want.

          or one could make a fake table out of <div> cells. But we are talking insanity there.. you dont want to have to make 100 <div> layers for a 10x10 table.

          Since you can make a <div> layer have a border then you can make that border be the cell walls... And well you should be able to see where I am going.

          -S. Bob

          [-ok go and delete the reply :P]
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            Pffft! Screw it, I'll just resize the image every time I add news to my page.