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    8 I'm having trouble with wanting an IFrame on my webpage. I'm currently just building up on the scripting and such for my page, but I'm having trouble with placing my blog into an IFrame on my homepage! I looked around on this forum for a bit, and I couldn't really find what I was looking for. If anyone could help, I'd like to know how you can place a Blog into an IFrame - and what exactly the scripting is. I know you need a script on both pages, and I think my problem is I only know how to do one and not the other. The one I can do is the script on the page I want the text to be shown on ( my webpage ). I just don't have one on the Blog because my attempts didn't really work.

    Sorry for the lengthy post - I'm sort of a rambler. Hehe. But, if <b>anyone</b> can help, I'd be so grateful! Thanks!

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    as far i know, IFrame will plug your 2nd file (i.e blog.php) to your main-web-page, if you need to put script in 2nd page, just write the script in it(ie. in blog.php). If only need to placed 2nd file with IFrame, there are no need any scripting at both.
    just make html tag like this:

    <iframe name="blog_file" src="blog.php" width="325" height="315" border="0" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    Note: if 2nd page need server-side scripting engine (???.php / ???.asp), your main-page is must have same extension too.
    I don't really understand what is your problem, is your 2nd page scripting doesn't work ? or you have scripting conflig between 2 pages (main and iframe files)?