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Help re Netscape 6 compliancy

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  • Help re Netscape 6 compliancy

    I have been given a frame set script which I love and works well in IE 5 however I checked it in Netscape 6 and it failed miserably.

    The left frame- Navigational buttons when clicked move to the very top of the frame and in some cases hide all together.

    I am requesting that someone please look at the coding and see if it is able to be NS6 compliant. To view it correctly use IE.

    If it is not fixable can anyone provide a scipt that will use this roll over same effect and compatable in both IE - NS
    I have provided the left frame link only, please view source from there


    full frameset is

    If further info is required please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you for your assistance in advance.