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  • removing third party popups

    I don't mind the ads that Geocities includes on the page - those nice, neat little ones in the top right corner, but the popup (or pop-under) windows that come with it - especially those persistant ones for the camera - drive me nuts.
    Is there any way to put coding on my page to close those windows?
    I already have coding to break out of frames, for people who were kind enough to link to my page but stupid enough to trap my page in their frame - it seems like a "popup killer" script would run along the same lines, but I'm just not able to wrap my brain around the necessary wording.
    Please help!

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    it's against the terms of service you signed when you took an account with geocities, to disable those ads. it's also against the terms of service that i signed, when becoming a member of this forum, to tell you how to get rid of them.

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      Geocities is offering you free server space because they get payed by the companies they place advertisements for; if you don't want popups, start paying for your server space.
      I find advertisement popups as much an annoyance as you do, but they're a fact of web life these days; the only hope we can have is that they drive so many visitors away that they fall from grace on the long run. But, rest assured that advertisement people will come up with another, even more annoying way to bother us with their unwanted messages.


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        I am quite happy to have their advertising on my page in exchange for the free server space. As I said, the little box in the corner is great. I didn't even mind the old small banner ads they used to put on the page. But as you mention, pop-ups drive visitors away and I'd like to actually have visitors.
        I am not against Geocities using advertising to pay for my server space, I'm just against them driving my visitors away with popups.
        I guess if telling me how to do it is against forum rules, then I will either have to figure this out for myself or live with it.
        This isn't a forum for discussion/arguing, so this is the last I will say about this.
        I request that you do not reply to this unless you are going to answer my original question.