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DateAdd in javascript and window.print()

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  • DateAdd in javascript and window.print()

    Im quite desperate now, i cant figure out hot to add no. of days on a given date. I cant use the DateAdd function because its not flexible enough.
    If someone knows how to do the DateAdd in javascript please teach me how to. It'd be better if you can show me an example script.

    Also, I made a document.write function that will write
    <input type=button name="print_button" value="Print" onCLick="window.print()">
    But somehow, it wont work.
    I need those to work under IE as its what im using and im the only one who will use it.
    If the window.print() DOES not really work, please give me an alternative so i can print the page onClick.

    If you wish to examine what im doing, this is the link to the indexpage.
    I dont need it to be perfect, i just want it to work.

    PS. ive been here before with the same questions, i googled some answers but somehow they are not what i need or they are beyond my comprehension of javascript.