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How do I embed a font onto a website?

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  • How do I embed a font onto a website?


    I am not sure if this is the wright place to ask this question but, I need to embed two fonts for my website to look the way I want it to look. I don't know how to do this. Does any one have an answer?

    Thanks again for all your help - Joseph

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    Web pages are displayed using the fonts on your visitors' computers. There is a CSS command for referencing fonts on the server but few browsers have implemented it and with current thinking being that your visitors should be able to display pages that look the way that they want, it is unlikely that browsers will ever implement it.

    Web pages can be divided into three parts.

    1. Content defined using HTML controlled by the page author.
    2. Appearance defined using CSS suggested by the authot but can be easily overridden by visitors.
    3. Behaviour defined using Javascript specified by the author and/or visitor (with the visitor having the final say).

    The only thing a web author has complete control over is the content of their page.
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      How much text is this for? You could always use images if it's just small parts.


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        Thank you both very much I appreciate your helping me to understand this issue. Yes I can use a graphic but that was my reason for going over to text to avoid the upload time of a graphic.

        I found a script at DynamicDrive.com that creates 3D text affects. I modified it so I can display a 3D floating affect of our company name. You can see this at http://melodygrove.com/tmp/Cost_Estimator.html

        Thank you again - Joseph


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          Not sure if this works, but I'm going to give it a try soon. I guess there are significant downsides though - as the page indicates:


          I mean, the poor user has to download the font!
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            Hello tpeck,

            Thank you very much for the link to netmechanic newsletter.
            I have used netmechanic before and appreciate what they have to offer.
            I am going to give what they suggest a try and see what happens.

            Thank you again so very much for passing this info on to me.