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please help me with these javascript questions!!!!

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  • please help me with these javascript questions!!!!

    2. Study the results of using different operators: +, *, /, -, %.
    3. Study the use of the conditional (3 operand) operator: condition ? result_if_true : result_if_false
    4. Study how to use the arrow keys
    5. Define the programming concepts: variable, function, and array. Describe uses in the class projects.
    6. Describe the use of the different bracketing symbols in HTML/JavaScript: ( and ), { and }, [ and ], and < and >.
    7. Write the HTML and JavaScript for a coin toss in which the coin is biased towards heads 75% of the time.
    8. Write the HTML for an image tag named "pet" holding an image file named "cat.jpg". Write a javascript function that will make the image in that image tag be "dog.jpg".
    9. Write the code to make a call to the function move() every 200 milliseconds. (Hint: this is a single line.) How many times/second is this? What would the number be for once every 2 seconds?
    10. Write the HTML to run the JavaScript swap(newpic); if the player moves the mouse over an image holding the image named story. (Hint: you need to put the img tag within an element.)
    11. In the getObj function, what do the if conditions do (for example,
    if (document.getElementById) )?
    12. Write the HTML and JavaScript code to move an image horizontally across the page dx units. (Hint: you need to put the img tag within an
    element.) ASSUME YOU HAVE A FUNCTION CALLED getObj that creates an object with style.left and style.top properties.
    13. Write a JavaScript switch statement that will display alert boxes with the number of days in the month based on the value of a variable mon holding a name for a month. This requires calling the alert function with an appropriate string. Assume it is not a leap year. Think “30 days has September, …”
    14. Describe the use of setInterval
    15. Describe the different ways of programming events (setting up event handling: handling time and handling player moves) in JavaScript

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    No. Read your book and read this thread: http://www.codingforum.net/showthread.php?t=53446
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