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  • hey

    i am having a lot of trouble with this and cant figure out what i need to do its kinda bothering me i was wondering if anyone here could give a stab at it or even point me in some direction i am very new with css so please keep that in mind while running over my code...thanks

    my test page is set up at


    i have everything pretty much the way i want it except i cant get the bars to expand all the way down...any ideas? also the middle body section is off to the left and if i move it center of that the thing im looking to expand sets it self off that much farther....im really getting fustrated with this being as its turning out to be a very long project just for a layout look...thanks in advance

    at this point im up for anything

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    Which bars? The side navigation?
    Some tips:
    Your navigation looks like it should be an unordered list of images instead of nested divs with line breaks. I suggest taking a look at w3schools.

    <br clear="all" />
    I am not sure what it is supposed to be, but I am pretty sure that "all" is not a valid value for the clear property. If you want to clear on both sides, use clear: both; in your style. You do not need to clear anything though, with <br /> because it inserts a line break, not just a space.

    I am sure that your id names make perfect sense to you, but they make troubleshooting your code a bit daunting. You may want to try some generic names for some of your div ids, in case you want to come back to this code later and forget what some of your ids meant.

    You have a lot of exact widths in your CSS, and combined with using all of those "spacer" images, I think that is why you are seeing the gap in the main layout.

    It also looks like you are using empty divs to layout your page. This is not the best method for coding your page as it is not too far off from using tables and spacer gifs. Look more into CSS for your layout. Applying backgrounds and borders to some of your divs would look much better and require less code and fewer images to load on the page.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    One last thing: It is always best to put some detail in your thread titles so people can know what to expect coming into your problem.


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      thanks for the heads up thats a lot to cover and explain...

      the br clears shouldnt be a problem...ummm...w3school is confussing to me im a vissual and learning person i have to see it to understand it just reading code almost doesnt help me at all unless i can vissually see what it does...

      as for the id tags they are id to the image sitting inside the DIV

      im no so sure i need that many divs for the layout im working with look im lost completly im not trying to be an pain but ive worked this things through tables and css....ive wrote this code over atleast 20 different ways now putting images and tables and divs different ways and this is the closest i got next to


      thats a table method i worked out

      i am beyond tired of this and just about to make the simplest non complicated thing i can come up with because i was suppose to have this layout done a while ago....very very very fustrated with this....sorry

      as for the header for this thread i noticed after i posted.....sorry about that

      im going to start completly over with a new layout unless some one can point out a very easy solution to this problem

      im sure u said something to help me but "look more into css" doesnt really help me

      im not mad at you just this website keep in mind