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    Ok... so I'm re-working a page that has a table full of a couple hundred contacts and their information. I have the older version of the page that already has the table made and filled with all the info (and there is a TON of info...), and I'd like to use that same table in the new page, but there's a problem. The old table markup is FILLED with all sorts of ugly font color, bg color, border color, and other nasty stuff that should be left to CSS. Does anyone know of a way I could "strip" the old table's HTML design, just down to a bare-bones table with no "design" properties, that way I can keep the table and all the info, and then just design it from scratch with CSS? I don't want to just give in to easiness and copy and paste the "bad" table, but I also really really don't want to have to make a whole new table and type in all that information... Thanks in advance for any help.

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    HTML Tidy can be used to clean up "some" stuff. And I think there are some for-pay programs that can strip out that styling info. Otherwise you might just have to strip it out yourself by hand

    Check out this page:

    And the Tidy stuff:

    Good luck