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Another CSS site messed up by IE... please help!!!

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  • Another CSS site messed up by IE... please help!!!

    Ok, I'm a mac user and don't have easy access to a Windows machine. Anyway, I'm designing a site for my bosses wife and am fairly new to CSS (although a quick learner). I was horrified to be shown how Internet Explorer on Windows is totally screwing everything up. Even IE 5.x on Mac displays it properly (along with all 5 other browsers I checked it on on macs). IE for Mac is discontinued yet it displays my standard CSS better than IE 6 on a PC. What's up?

    here's the link to the site - http://www.travelqueen.com

    Does anyone know of a fairly simple way to fix this? It would be difficult for me to try and continually test this on a PC. I'd probably have to keep a friend with a PC on the phone for a loooooong time asking him/her to reload it every time I try something different. I could use a table I guess instead of CSS but I'm not a big table fan for page layout and I'd have to add more styles to make everything look right since tables seem to not inherit all of the styles from the rest of the page.

    If anyone could help with this I would GREATLY appreciate it! Heck, if you have a PayPal account I could probably throw a little something your way (keep in mind I'm a poor college student)


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    Try this:
    #navigation {
    #content {


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      Hey, thanks BonRouge... this would solve the main problem but changing contents left margin to 280 would make it too close to the edge and look funny. Anyway, I got an answer with some more detail and a fix for the #content div on a different forum ( http://forums.htmlhelp.com/index.php...st=0#entry2031 ).

      Thanks a lot, I really really appreciate the help. I was very suprised to find an answer to my question so quickly on both forums I asked it on. Posted it last night and when I check it first thing today... bam... two answers! It's awesome that people are so willing to help.

      Anyway, if you'd like to give me whatever PayPal info I'd need to transfer some funds I'd be more than happy to send a little something (although I'm gonna offer the other more in depth poster a bit more since it fixed my #content too). I just believe in donating to those of you willing to help out fellow designers so nicely and quickly (even though I'm poor and it won't be much). Anyway, thanks again!

      P.S. I don't know how to transfer funds on PayPal, but I know it's possible and I'll figure it out pretty quickly.