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Footer, won't move down when menu expands.

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  • Footer, won't move down when menu expands.

    He I am having a problem with my menu and my footer. When i expand my menu the footer stay in the same place, which is fine, but when my menu get down to the footer it over laps. Please help! Thank you in advance.

    My site is www.uccs.edu/~mhauth

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    The best solution I can recommend is to edit the Javascript function so that when it calls the function for showing a section, the function to hide a section is called for every other section (for instance, if Student Government is open and you click on Society Information, then Student Government is closed automatically). This way, when you open a section, it ensures that's the only section open and you don't have to worry about the length of the open menus.

    I took a quick glimse at the Javascript and realized it wouldn't be an easy task to implement, however, this is the best setup you could make. I personally find it pointless to [be able to] have an entire menu open, anyway.
    Yeah, I have 2 cents.