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Page won't show corretly in IE and FF!

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  • Page won't show corretly in IE and FF!

    Hello folks!

    I was searching the web to find a solution for my problem, but I've seem to run out of luck. Hopefully, I can get som help in these forums.

    Here's the deal:
    I've been building my webpage with CSS and HTML (got plans to transform my HTML into XHTML later on, when the webpage works...). When I look at my webpage in the following webbrowsers for Macintosh: Safari, FireFox, Opera and Camino on my Macintosh computer - they all look ok. BUT! When I look at my page in Internet Explorer and FireFox for PC, the layout sucks BIGTIME. I've tryed the "Tanteks hack", and the hack where you place "* html" in front of the css code (so that I at least can get the page look normal in IE for the PC) but all this has rendered me no success.

    What can I do to make my page look normal in IE + FF for PC? I've been trying to fix the problem for several hours now, and I'de REALLY appreciate some help.

    Here's the webpage: http://www.madeinmalmo.se
    You can take a look at the HTML-code by right-clicking on my webpage and choosing "View source". The CSS-file though, is attached to this this post.

    PS: A fair warning: The code might not be so beautifully arranged yet; I thought I'd get the page to work before I start making things squeky clean...
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    CSS hacks

    Normally, FireFox is well able to interpret most styles in accordance to the W3C recommendations, and hacks are not required.
    Furthermore, if you are going to feed IE with specific styles using conditional comments, hacks er not required at all.

    You are recommended to go back to basics: get your markup right; don't postpone this, it is the very basis of your styling.
    Then get the styling right: if it's in line with the W3C recommendations, FireFox will likely show it as intended. This should cover most of the other modern browsers as well.
    Once this is done, start working on IE specific styles; avoid CSS hacks, use conditional comments.


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      You're right about FF. I've re-designed my page a bit, and made a nice and clear code.

      But even if I use conditional comments, only made for IE, in my index-file - the page still has some minor distortions. The second box from the top with the text "Showcase" won't align with a small gap as neatly as the third box called "Text", which has the gap I want inbetween the boxes.

      Check my index file out by rightclicking on www.madeinmalmo.se.

      I'd appreciate your time to help me solve this. Thank you.