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Div Layer Issues -- Especially at low resolutions

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  • Div Layer Issues -- Especially at low resolutions

    This explanation image contains both HTML + CSS questions and PHP questions, so I will post it in both sections, and hope for the best. :P

    For this section of the forum, I mainly need help with the blue and green areas.

    Basiclly, I have a clear idea of how I want the site to look, but I'm running into HUGE ROADBLOCKS with the center CSS design.

    Here's the work-in-progess page template:

    And here's the graphical explantion of what I need help with:

    If anyone has any pointers, or has the time to try to code that center div layer---that will fit at tiny resoultions like 640x480; since that's my issue at the moment---please feel free to give it a try.

    Here are the materials I'm working with:

    If anyone reading this has additional questions or ideas, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: For the "More Screenshots," "Discuss," and "Additional Information," links, I want to have the div layer for the article be an iframe, so that when you click those links, ONLY the iframe loads the new page. I do not want the whole page to reload. If this will be too complicated/accident-prone though, I won't bother. I just thought it'd be cleaner.

    EDIT2: Gah sorry, I forgot to use a more apporiate subject line. Can a mod or admin reading this change it to, "Div Layer Issues -- Especially at low resolutions"
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    Originally posted by AdemoS View Post
    […]---that will fit at tiny resoultions like 640x480 […]
    Remove the styles from #content and the clear: both declaration from .story.


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      Hmm, that's a good idea for fixing resolution issues, but since I'll be changing the whole layout to include many more functions, that help may become obsolete.

      If you have any other suggestions, or want to try your hand at the blue area of that image explanation, I'd love to see if you could get it working, since I have not been able to.


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        Since it's on page three and only one person has replied...is this forum section really that dead right now?


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          It sounds to me like you want someone to write the code for you. While this forum is to help others, it is not to actually ask for others to author all or parts of your website. With regard to the blue areas of your reference image, you apparently did not even attempt to code that yourself. You didn't provide any explanation on what is wrong with the green areas. And the red areas which are “not coded″, look coded from my point of view.

          Your existing code is also difficult for others to read and work with because it contains deprecated presentational attributes, inline and invalid CSS, and even a nice table for layout.


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            Ah, okay. Thanks for clearing that up Arbitrator. I appericate finally getting a straight answer, even if it was rather blunt.