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    Hi All,

    I hope this posting finds you all well. I've done this game in Flash and it's impossible to take a screenie of it within the application, so thought perhaps I could have a button just below it on the web page that when pressed would prompt the persons computer to take a screenie. Is that possible?

    Here's the game, just to give you a feel of what I'm after.


    Many thanks for your time.


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    I don't think you can take screenshots without some plug-in or a browser capable of such. You could instruct the user to press Print Screen, paste the resulting copy into an image editor like Microsoft Paint, and save it if they want a screenshot. Of course, being that the Flash presentation appears to be child-oriented, that'd probably be considered too much to ask. You might be able to do something from your side and have your server generate a screenshot; not a clue how you'd go about that though.