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Vertical Expanding CSS Menu Help?

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  • Vertical Expanding CSS Menu Help?

    My question is, I set up the Vertical Menu and now I am trying to tweak the menu for more interactivity - first part is when you roll over the menu the home menu button (which is just a link to a URL highlights) - what I want to do is make all of the other buttons have that same effect - as they are now you just click them and the sub menu appears - is this possible?

    The second part is, on those menu buttons that open the sub-menu, is there a way that whan you click to expand the menu it also goes to the default page of that section? So instead of having a 'Home' link in the sub-menu it would aoutmatically go to that page?

    Link to the prototype page:

    The CSS is here:
    Located at the bottom part of the CSS under this - /* Admission Side Navigation */

    Any help with this would be great - it would save me from pulling what I have left for hair out of my head