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background color fade?

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  • background color fade?

    Is there a way to fade a background color to another? What I mean is like could the two colors be faded like gradient to each other? I like the gradient scheme, can it be done?

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    Why not just make a picture of a gradient that is only 1 pixel wide? Like what I have attached.
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      Example of Gradient Filter for IE5.5+ (copy&paste URL):
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        Is there a possible way to add to that script Zvona ?

        I'm wondering whether you could add an extra colour to the blend that it moves "through".

        For instance starting from black, moving through white, then back to black.
        I know it can be done by making two seperate tables, which I've done, but placing text inside is more difficult.
        It would just make things easier... any idea ?

        Also, the gradient function... is there a way to make the blend move from a corner to the opposite corner instead of just top/bottom and left/right ?

        Many thanx...
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          The CSS links and other links are broken
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            Evil proprietry MADNESS!
            Avoid those horrid little buggers like the plague, they'll bite you on the *** later on when more people upgrade their browser.
            Go with the 1px jpg and use the following CSS
            #element {
            background:#fff url(images/gradient.jpg) repeat-y;

            I take no responsibility for the above nonsense.

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              Living example of ^^:

              Easiest way to go about it.
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