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  • Help with a website makeover

    Here is my website. http://www.krazyk9.com. It is devoted to sports contests. My buddy designed the site about 6 months ago, and during that time I've been trying to learn some web-based programming such as html, java, and a touch of php. So basically, I'm still a little fresh with all this but I can learn quick.

    Anyway, the problem that I don't like with my website is that it uses frames. I don't particularly like the use of the frameset with my webpage. BAsically, my main question is that if I were to get rid of the frameset, is there a way I could have my border (that purplish-pink border) preload its images so that if I were to use this border in a template, these images wouldn't have to load every time a user clicks on a link? Someone mentioned CSS possibly, but I wanted to verify this as being my best alternative.

    If you need further explanation, I will be glad to assist.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    Yes, but if you're using the same images all the time, once it's loaded once, they wont have to re-load the images with every page.

    If you need to know how to pre-load the images, here's a javascript thing that will do it...

    <script language="javascript">
    ImageName = New Image();
    ImageName.src = "images/your_image.gif";

    just do that for each image you want pre-loaded.



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      Perfect, thx so much for the reply!


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        No problem, that's what I'm here for

        Just as a comment, I think your page looks great with the frames, and am kinda wondering why you want to re-design it without frames.

        Just thought I'd let you know, in the end, it's your choice - just make sure it looks just as good without the frames.