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Weird thing with CSS

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  • Weird thing with CSS

    Ok i am in the process of creating my site. I have things the way i want them to look how ever i have encountered a weird effect. I don't like it and can't seem to get rid of it. go to www.sonicwrx.com and look at the gallery menu the menu displays right but under it IE displays another 3 the 3 is the same three that is in "page 3" when I delete it, it goes away. If i change it, it changes. If i add something else after it it only displays the last character i write. The all tags are close properly

    the CSS file is at www.sonicwrx.com/styles/main.css and the menu file is at www.sonicwrx.com/menu.html

    Can some one tell me why it is displaying the same "3" twice? Also it would be wonderful if you could tell me how to make it stop it.

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    Rendering bug

    Hmmm... tough one; looks like an IE rendering bug.
    You could try to explicitly set the three "page x" links to block level display; since they're floated, they ought to be block level by default, but maybe IE chokes on this.

    Alternatively, instead of a div with loose a elements, you could use a nested list to style this. It probably won't make a difference, but it would be a bit sounder from a semantic point of view.