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    OK ... i've followed arespace eng and started my layout from the scratch using some site template... I now have no absolute positions for left and right area and I have a new layer called footer that is now dependant from the other 3 layers height!

    You can see it at www.penaf.com/2/

    My problem now is that spacing between Content area and the footer layer ... is there anyway to make it go away and have the content area always connected with the footer cause of the borders?

    If anywone has any other suggestion for my layout I'd be really appreciated!

    Cheers all

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    You could set the paragraph margin to 0.

    p { margin: 0 }

    Then just add padding to the DIV's so the text doesn't hit the edges.


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      thanks for that piece of advice ... it worked perfectly!

      But another problem came up ... now i've inserted the menu into the left layer ... both left and right layer don't work together to expand the footer ... any idea about what might be causing that?



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        If I understand correctly, you want the side columns' background colors to stretch all the way down?

        width: 100%;
        margin: 0px auto;
        [B]background-color: #F1F1F1;[/B]
        color: #333;
        border: 0px solid #A4C0E2;
        line-height: 130%;
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          Easiest way would be to set the background colour of the container div to #f1f1f1.

          Edit: Damn, beaten to it!


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            Nice try guys ... but that I've already tried! Take a look at how it gets at http://www.penaf.com/2/

            The content area without anything goes grey and the left menu also goes gray as intended but it has no right border! I'm getting confused now


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              Looks fine in IE6/Win.


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                no it doesn't!


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                  I'm agreeing with mark on this one, it looks fine in IE6/win and I think the border is there but you can't see it because its against the browser window. In FF however your right column border only extends to its height to solve this I would move the border into the middle column and lose the right borders on the left column and the left borders on the right column.
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                    OK ... I did as you say AerospaceEng ... but now both borders don't have a bit below and the content are still dosn't go all the way down I'm getting frustrated here!

                    Results on the site!


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                      Are the heights of the columns ever going to change? If you undid what I told you to do, and used a set height for those columns, the borders should repeat to the bottom. What is happening with what I told you to is your content is shorter in height than your columns.
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                        Hey hey! I solved the problem giving to the content arear a 600px min-height! now that problem is gone! But just now it came to my attention that the menus and my BidVertiser inside an iframe get a 2/3 px padding with the borders and on FF it goes perfectly well ... is this the famous box hack problem?!?

                        Thanks all for the patient so far!


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                          ugh lol well you could set a height to the content and feed it to IE only
                          * html #content {
                          and use min-height for the browsers that understand it. IE doesn't understand minheight but heights in IE change to fit the content.
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                            that certainly did the trick!!! Thank You!

                            I still have some minor bugs for IE browser ... but i'll try to research a little so you guys won't call me a pain in the ***



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                              well ... I know I'm being a pain in the *** but I'm getting too much problems for a guy with my few knowledge in CSS

                              Apart from now my site is not being displayed correctly on IE, having a disparity of 2/3 pixels on both sides of content div ... it is also not being correctly displayed in Dreamweaver Design mode and this makes it impossible for me to edit the site there!

                              Any help? Thank you so much