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CSS Tables that stretch

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  • CSS Tables that stretch

    I have my website set up using the <div> elements. I was looking around but couldn't really find anything that helped me. Is it possible to make divs stretch to fit the content inside of them. For example, making a web page get longer because there is more text in it.

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    So you want a fluid layout that resizes with the browser window? If you set a width to a div the text will wrap and make the div higher not wider.
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      Vertical extension

      making a web page get longer because there is more text in it
      That is standard behaviour, provided there's no fixed height specified.
      Can we see some markup and styles?


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        Sure . . . I didn't see that I had even done that. I think I'm still stuck thinking in the way of tables. I'll post again if that doesn't work.


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          anyone know how to get a full length div to expand longer if the content does? Like say you wanted three stripes essentially as your layout, two side columns of one colour and a middle column of a different colour for the content. But this design looks stupid if they don't all touch the bottom of the screen.
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