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(IE-sux) phpbb table width 100%

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  • (IE-sux) phpbb table width 100%


    im havein a hell of a time etting this to work in ie.... and actually my viewtopic page is not consistant in FF.

    problem seems to be the use of
    <table width="100%"
    in some of the templates, but even when i remove them, view-topic page still runs over the right side bar (http://art.redtv.org/viewtopic.php?t=4) if the text doesnt contain breaks to shorten it.

    i tried adding a container div and specifying a width (80%)... shouldnt width:100% inside a 80% container only be 100% of container not body?

    i dunno, im really confused at this point.. any help greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    Hmm have you tried specifying a width to the #randgal div? I think a 3 column fluid layout is what you are looking for.
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