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Margin has no effect on list - weird!

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  • Margin has no effect on list - weird!

    Hi all,

    Got an interesting one here - at least for me - I have come up with a work around but I sure would like to learn what the deal is here... I'm working on a site overhaul - this is just the early stages of the homepage - no links work at this point.


    What is happening is this:

    If you look at the div "ut" you will see it's between 2 unordered lists making up the left side menus. The weird thing is that when I add top margin to the "ut" div it has no effect at all in FF (but does in IE) until I get to about 200px. At about 200px it will start to move down in FF - of course by this point it's wayyyyyyyyyy down there in IE. Damnest thing - for once IE is actually doing what I want it to!

    I can't figure this out - I just want to put a little distance between the mainmenu UL and the UT logo/text. It may have something to do with the floatleft class... maybe?? :\

    Anyone see what is causing this?



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    took me a sec to find it but try changing the top margin of this class :

    .floatleftnoborderpad {
    	float: left;
    	border: none;
    	margin: 0 10px 0 0;
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      Right - that will move the image down... but not the div.

      Thanks for the reply, harbingerOTV

      Check it out - I've put a border around the div - and no [reasonable] amount of topmargin will budge that div (ut) from the bottom of that mainmenu ul. This is only happening in FF - IE does behave as I would prefer in this instance and move the div lower as top margin is applied. Opera 8 also complies with the margin changes.

      I don't understand the physics going with that. :| Why is this div stuck to the bottom of the UL?



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        Fixed - had to do with all <li> being floated due to the css for the suckerfish menu not specifying a class name to differentiate.

        All sorted now - thanks!