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[CSS/PHP HELP] Side Panel went beneath Main Content

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  • [CSS/PHP HELP] Side Panel went beneath Main Content

    my page is http://image.platinum1hosting.com
    you can login with username:shark / password:imagepass

    the correct layout should be like the index page.
    however, "My Galleries" and "Upload" pages have problem.
    the side panel went beneath the main content.

    before login, it looks correct...
    but after login, the layout runs...

    can somebody pls teach me how to fix it?

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    The reason the #sidepanel appears under the #footer, is because the sidepanel is below the footer in the source. Move #footer down after #sidepanel.
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      inside galleries.html and upload.html, there's no #sidepanel's code at all...
      the side panel is another file "sidecontent.inc.php"...

      then for ALL pages... the #footer's code is the last lines... (before that, there's no sidepanel's code at all, nor calling the sidepanel to appear...)

      hm, can u login to my ftp, and take a look at the code? pls?