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Nav and Paragraph trouble (margin-top: 100%)

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  • Nav and Paragraph trouble (margin-top: 100%)

    I've got a nav, and under it a notice, which has margin-top set to 100%
    The Nav is fixed in Opera/FF, but not in IE. The notice looks perfectly positioned in Opera/FF, but in IE it seems instead of using an actual 100% it just converts it to a certain amount. So when I have to little text it stretches the page, if I have too much it gets stuck somewhere along the middle. Also when I hover over one of the nav items, the notice slips up to about the same amount of pixels between the top of the notice and the nav as in the fixed nav in Opera/FF.
    Anyone know what the problem could be? If you need some CSS/HTML just shout.
    Don't have it on this PC

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    Could you show us an example of them problem as it is kind of hard to visualize.


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      I'm going to create an image tomorrow and show you what I mean

      EDIT: nevermind, I had to place it in a footer. The problem can't be fixed.
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