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Positioning/Blocking... Not Sure!

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  • Positioning/Blocking... Not Sure!

    Hum, was bored so did a little test...


    Looks better in IE btw.

    Firstly I want to block off the top of the clipboard so the text goes under it - always staying on the paper. Also two scrollbars appear in IE. Any ideas what to do?

    I was trying to go for a similar effect to The Holy Grill, but it kinda went a bit wrong!

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    maybe an iframe or something of the sort...either way thats pretty sweet


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      Thing is the whole idea was not to use an iframe. Notice on the holy grill how the scrollbar for the whole page only moves the middle section. That's the kind of thing I was going for, I think I'll rethink how I can achieve it.


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        wut about a div with overflow:auto;?
        html {
        body {
        margin: 0;
        background: url(Clipboard.jpg) top right no-repeat fixed;
        font-family: Georgia;
        height: 100%;
        #content {
        float: right;
        width: 270px;
        height: 390px;
        margin-top: 134px;
        margin-right: 20px;
        #left {
        position: fixed;
        margin: 20px;
        border-bottom: 1px dashed #CCC;
        * html #left { position: absolute; }
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          Doesn't work in IE or FF.


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            both those use the fixed thing.

            haywire uses a css hack to hide all the the page from IE5. You can use conditional comments insted to make IE5 play along.

            The deal with fixed is you have to hide the overflow from IE. Then the problem arises that you need to use selectors to move everything over some from the right because IE is ignoring the space alloted to the scrollbar so things get weird.

            For your layout you need to NOT put the clipboard image in the background. It needs to be in a absolutely (fixed as well) positioned div.

            Then slice off the top part of the clipboard image and make another div to contain it. aqbsolutey (&fixed) position it. Then z-index it. That will make the text go under it.

            as for the bottom not being seen until the text crosses the clipboard:


            going to be a little trickier in your case.

            'fixed' is a weird thing in IE and doesn't work in anything under 6 (I think). It takes some playing with and some messy CSS to make it play along.
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              Thanks for those links, will have a look through them and a bit of a play!

              I presume with the exception of Mac, that most IE users are on IE6 now anyway, and will migrate to IE7 when that is available... or will the average user not bother to upgrade at all.