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Tab Menu -- Big Browser Problems

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  • Tab Menu -- Big Browser Problems

    Hi, I am currently making a Mac style tab menu. However, I have a lot of browser problems with it. It is made using a background image with repeat-x and then two side image (left and right) which act as the curved ends of the tabs. Opera displays it mostly correctly, however it misses of the bottom bit of the background (by 1px), firefox just totally messes up and IE displays the leftmost and rightmost tabs correctly, but fails on the rest. You can see it here: http://www.dcrez.co.uk/create/css/tabMenu/test.htm
    I know it is kinda hard to explain, but when you see it you will see whats wrong.
    Thanks for all of your help.

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    I have manged to solve some of the browser problems, I have now got the rollovers working, however I am still having problems with the side tab images, it seems to be a problem with aligning the text to the image. Here is the current best-working version: http://www.dcrez.co.uk/create/css/tabMenu/newTest.htm (I works fine in Opera, Moz and IE if the browsers font size is normal, but should work fine even if it is smaller once I get the image working).
    Can anyone help me?


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      I think that the problem is with the vertical align, the browsers are having trouble because the height of the menu is 21px and so align the image incorrectly because it is not an ever number. Does anyone know how to fix this?