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getting these tables right...

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  • getting these tables right...


    i am in the process of updating a webpage and am struggling with one area
    here is the link...

    there is one table under the header, with the menu on the left then the thumbnails. the thumbs are done using <td> tags so that they appear in columns on the one row.

    what i am after is having the menu on its own on the left and another table or something next to it so that i can organise the thumbs in rows. it would make it easier to present if they had their own table, imo.

    anyone know how i can do this?

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    hey if u can could u send me email of format for that blog u made thx........

    Email: [email protected]


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      Sorry but I think it'd be much better if you got rid of the table design, it's really not needed. CSS will easily create the same layout.

      And darkstar... there's a thing called 'private messages' which would have been better than posting on his thread. As for a blog... where?


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        i would love to use CSS but i have no idea where to start with that.. i can barely use html! :P if someone wishes to give me an example of how to do what i want with CSS then that would be cool and helpful!