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    Ok, this is my site. If you will notice the sidebar on the left. It is a DHTML menu. I have many other pages on my site, and if I were to add another page I would have to go to every single page and update the HTML. On other sites and on this one somewhat I have used JavaScript to solve my problems. I just used a code that included a .js file and used the document.write tag to include information. That worked all fine and dandy, but this DHTML menu is a whole lot of code. It would be hard to get it to work correctly and add a good amount of loading time. SSI is not supported by Geocities, so that is out of the question. I don't want this site to be frames, and using an iFrame isn't nice because I get an ad on the normal page as well as in the iFrame. Can anyone help?

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    the loading time is actually only a minimal problem. the .js file is cached after the first time, so it's only downloaded once. also, one of the members of this forum ( i forget who ), built this html2javascript converter, which should help you.

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      Hmm, ok. I could go with that. Now this HTML to JavaScript thing is very cool. It is getting bookmarked for sure. That will help...well, I shall have to test it first.


      WOW! That thing is awesome! It even adds the backslashes and everything!