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  • Layout using CSS

    I am making a website which currently uses frames and a bit of CSS. I must admit I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to CSS, but I am thinking of redoing the site without frames. Would I have to repeat the menu on each individual page?

    I believe there have been other threads how to successfully achieve this with css but I havent been able to find them doing a search. Can anyone point me in the direction of the relevant thread or to a good tutorial? I might also mention some pages on the site will in the future be using ASP too and I would like to know if this will pose any problems with the layout.

    Site is www.noborders.nl

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    Take a look at the following

    This may give you some idea of one way it can be done
    The silent one.

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      How I will be doing it is I have one big echo command written in PHP to write out all the headers and stuff I need, and at the top I write this:

      <?php require 'lib.php'; echo_headers(); ?>

      Which includes the source code and calls the function that spews out my header. Then after all the content I have this:

      <? echo_footer(); ?>

      Which echos out all the code that needs to appear after the content (footer, sidebar).
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        I kinda get the idea, you just add a reference to a script (php or javascript or whatever) and put this in every document. Is this then the best way? I have dreamweaver and notice you can make a template with editable and ineditable regions (though I havent yet figured out how to get it working). Has anyone used this, or have any opinions about doing it this way?