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weird iframe - flash problem

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  • weird iframe - flash problem

    I encoutered the following very annoying problem:
    on my page I use the iframe property to load an external file which is loaded into a table - I do this so that it can be scrolled without having the whole page scroll. So right above this I have flash banners being rotated. The problem is that once the page is fully loaded, on top of the banner there's content from the external file from the iframe. The strange thing is that it doesn't cover all of the flash - it only covers that part of the banner that has no animation in it. If the page is minimized then maximized everything returns to normal, the same happens when another window is opened on top of it. So if you got any ideas as to why this is happening....

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    The thing disappeared - no problem anymore. I was deleting some of the empty spaces and "arranging" the code and now everything works fine. For the moment at least. Feel free to delete this topic.