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Scrolling Inside Of An HTML Table?

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  • Scrolling Inside Of An HTML Table?

    Hey, Just had a quick question... is there any way to scroll text inside of a table?

    so you get an idea of what im going for,

    first off, yeah, the banners are bad, but they won't be there once the site is up, the thing is, that center "main" page is ok only because the page does not exceed the space, however, the pages i wil be making as i complete the site, will require more space then that.

    if tables can't scroll, then any ideas on how to make the page work?

    each frame is composed of a page that has a 6a6a6a backgorund and a table with red borders and black backgrounds...

    im not in love with the setup, but i do want to keep the layout,

    Please help

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    iframes are pretty good for that. They're just little floating frames that point to another file.

    <iframe src="innerText.htm" width="xx" height="xx">

    There are a lot more attributes and I'm not even sure if I got those right so I would recommend looking up iframes on webmonkey or w3schools.


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      Iframes bring a whole other set of issues with them.
      I'd use a fixed height <div> and set its overflow property to "scroll".
      Although if you put a <div> inside a table cell you are nesting body level elements inside each other, which ain't too good
      I'd ditch the tables entirely, but then again, who wouldn't


      I take no responsibility for the above nonsense.

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        Ahh very interesting. Didn't realize you could get the same effect with a div. I'll have to keep that in mind.


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          tbody { max-height:15em; overflow:scroll; }
          Is the correct way of doing it. But that only works in mozilla. See http://www.codingforum.net/showthrea...threadid=17458
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            BROTHERCAKE!!! OMG!!! THANK YOU!!!

            Its not the one you sugested, but that post a lil before the end helped alot!

            It may not have been what that guy needed, bt its exactly what i wanted

            Thanks again