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How to redirect based on browser HTTP AGENT?

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  • How to redirect based on browser HTTP AGENT?

    Hi all, I would like to know the best way to redirect based on the
    HTTP AGENT before the main page even loads?

    Another question I have is how does google's main page decide what language to load? Does it use a browser sniff agent?

    Thanks all!

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    http://www.engelschall.com/pw/apache/rewriteguide/ Scroll down to Browser Dependend Content which is about half way down the page


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      This is not the correct forum for this thread, however without a specific language no forums here are really appropriate. I'll let it slide for now, or at least until there is enough direction in this thread to move it.
      Omnis mico antequam dominus Spookster!


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        Thanks very much Nightfire.

        My apologies Mhtml, no harm intended. Should I have posted this question to one of the below?

        Technology and Sciences discussions
        Other server side languages/ issues
        General web building