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A better way to present my tabulated data

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  • A better way to present my tabulated data

    I'll be frank, my table looks crap and I cant really think how to improve it, layout wise, or colour wise.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Ive set up another thread to sort out getting it dbase driven but it still needs a facelift!!!

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    i think that using a table for the list of events is fine, but you should use some css and layers for the other areas of you site. Check out www.w3schools.com.


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      Well that doesn't answer the question at all.

      Personally, I like table cell colors instead of really thick borders. Like you could set the border to 0 and then give your table a cellspacing of 1 or 2. Then give them alternating colors by row or column or whatever you want.

      It sort of gives the effect of a border between when in fact it's just a gap.

      But that's just me.


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        Continuous lines

        I was thinking along the same lines: tie in the various table cells in one row by removing the cell borders; use a single border under each row to seperate each row, or use alternating row colors as Mr. X suggested.
        Alternatively, leave the strict tabular layout and combine rows with vertical lists of descriptions; for this, look into definition lists.