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feedback for my first xhtml/css site:

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  • feedback for my first xhtml/css site:


    I created this site about a month ago and am looking for comments and feedback. The company decided to touch it up in the disc/print section, and messed up some of my layout (they don't know z-index or <a> tags for lists).

    I'm not very good at writing javascript, so I used Dreamweaver's behaviors. Now I put it as well as the css in seperate files.

    Some questions:

    1. Is it not a good idea to use macromedia's MM code snippets? Considering copyrights etc.

    2. Is there a way to center the website? I know of margin adjustments, but is the css acts funny when the actual page is resized. I'm looking for a way to put all the layers in one big layer and center that.

    3. I used layers and css, but in what instance would tables be better? or frames/iframes? I don't care for tables because the tabular format seems too restrictive. As for frames I don't care for them because the site becomes framey. For instance, its easy to center a table, or making it stretch, but what else are they good for (other than newspaper style layouts)? Are layers the best?

    thats it, here is my current project:


    just layout, real early, all css, links temporary


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    2. Put a div around everything and apply a "margin: 0 auto;" to it.

    3. Tables are a good way of expressing data in the form of, well, a table. For example, let's take a playlist. You want the playlist to contain artist, song title, and length. So in this case, you would have three columns, one for each piece of data that makes as a whole, a song. The same could of course be achieved with css and some layers, but why use layers for something they weren't meant for?

    I would get rid of the bgcolor attribute in your body tag since it is deprecated. Another thing to remember is to use alt attributes on your images and title attributes on your links.
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      oage should lose the w3's

      page soudl ose fone nuber and contact

      page should lose HOE option

      main greaphic centered and spinning as on the smaller image next page.

      then gowing enter word.

      center it by putting a table around the WHOLE thing and centering the table.

      it's that easy!


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        MysteryMan should use spell check

        Lol just joking with ya


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          Try externalizing the JS and CSS.
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            at the bottom of your creative atmowsphere page, the links go cyan on hover, which is quite hard to read. Otherwise nice job. It did take me a while to notice that i had to click a link for some content to appear once i was in the site.


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              Originally posted by Antoniohawk
              MysteryMan should use spell check

              Lol just joking with ya
              I was typing under the influence of drugs...........sorry

              What I meant was the validations look idiotic, just use a small text bit if anything

              You should remove phone number.

              No home option

              on the main page, use the spinning graphic from the SECOND page

              THat's what was in my head when I typed..........


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                thanks much for the feedback. thats funny about the validation, i threw those in at the last moment, they really do look bad.

                i finally learned how to externalize everything.

                i'm putting together a site for a roofing company. they want some house with rain as an intro. do you guys ever recommend using flash? or should i just do it with moving layers?