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Site suspended-Direct to mirror site?-How?

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  • Site suspended-Direct to mirror site?-How?

    I moved my website(had for a long time) to what was suppose to be a great new host..no pop ups ect. All of a sudden it is suspended..no idea why..I followed all rules and traffic is not high.
    (it's a paranormal site)..anyway..I can not get on the site to make a re-direct page to my mirror site. Is there a way /web tool so that when people go to that suspended URL..it will automaticly go to the mirror site URL...I don't want to be a lousy webmistress..(smile)

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    without being able to access your site there is no other way to redirect them. You could get in contact with the hosting company to try and resolve issues.

    If there was a way it could cause havoc, anyone could alter the pages shown when you go to a certain address.
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      Sorry, I don't think it is possible for you to do anything. Your host will (or should) only be able to do the redirect and stuff now.


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        My Host Will Not Let Me Contact Him...

        When I try to access the whole website at Homepage-Hosts..
        it says I am suspended and that I should contact billing/Admin.

        I tried but can not get on the entire Homepage host site!
        I swear..there is nothing I can think of that would be a breach of contract..I am not even done transfering the site over.
        No adult links-no advertising..except I did use a bravenet counter if that counts..but all he had to do was ask me to remove it...or at least tell me what I did wrong.

        Thank god I still have my pop up filled mirror site..but the other site I was working on is lost! It was just a bunch of links of where to find things for "The Sims"..and not direct download links..just to the sites.
        Is this commom practice for webhost to not let you get your code off...or give you any warning/e-mail..anything?
        The name of the is:
        Has anyone else had any problems..it seemed like a great host!


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          You are not suspended! It looks as if HOMEPAGE-HOST was acting as a reseller and their account was suspended.

          Look at the URL:



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            FWIW: A tracert to www.homepage-host.uni.cc
            Resolved to this IP#:
            Which is: PC-Craft.com

            Perhaps you can find some joy by contacting them: