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Encryption of HTML source code is good For SEO ?

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  • Encryption of HTML source code is good For SEO ?

    hi guys i am getting number of peoples are copying my website with content & code so i thinking to encrpt my code after loding stopped by google is it good forSEO or not please suggest me

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    Don't know about SEO, but I do know that if it's on the web it can and will be stolen no matter what you do. If that bother you then don't post on the web or hire a bunch of lawyers.
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      I'm curious as to what you mean by "encrypt my code after loading" and what "stopped by google" has to do with it.


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        I've gotta go with @tracknut on this one, in that your statement is complete gibberish. I cannot decipher what it is you're even trying to say, since "encrypt after loading" isn't a thing that even exists. Even if it were a thing, it most certainly would NOT be good for SEO since it would be bad for accessibility.

        What exactly do you mean by "encrypt after load". I've been programming for 42 years and doing websites for half that... I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
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          you can encrypt the source code of your pages but doing so would in my opinion also encrypt the text of your pages therefor making it impossible for search engines to index your site. And giving the results that are needed to get good positioning.


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            I'm not sure that this is good for your platform.


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              There are Javascript encoding methods, but then there are decoding methods as well. So you'd be wasting your time.
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                No, encryption of HTML source code is not good for SEO. Search engines rely on the HTML source code to understand and index a page, so encrypting it makes it difficult for search engines to read the content.​
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                  I do know that if it's on the web it can and will be stolen no matter what you do. If that bother you then don't post on the web or hire a bunch of lawyers.
                  Or you could just play the game!!

                  There are literally millions of bots that run the internet everyday including content scrapers. The answer is not to stop them because there's no way to account for all of them, but you can expose the sites that apply them by adding a simple javascript & noscript message to your content!!

                  <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">var $_ld = "www.yoursite.com",$_ldp="http://",$_ldw = '<p><b><strong style="color:red;">WARNING:</strong> This content was illegally obtained from <a href="'+$_ldp+$_ld+'">'+$_ld+'</a>!</b></p>';if(window.location.hostname!=$_ld){document.write($_ldw);}</script>
                  <noscript><p><b><strong style="color:red;">WARNING:</strong> This content was illegally obtained from <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">www.yoursite.com</a>!</b></p></noscript>

                  The "_ld" variable is the domain name​ for the legal content, "ldp" is for the http protocol used for the site and the "ldw" is the message to display when loaded to any other location on the web.

                  This would would be even better if we had a FREE utility in the forum where you could create your own message etc. then encrypt the the whole thing like PayPal uses with their BuyNow buttons and such. That way to the naked eye you see encrypted content, but it's still accessible and visible within UA's.
                  Sorry I don't know how to do the encrypting part, however the form and stuff for the actual process only takes a few minutes.
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                    After further thought, the NOSCRIPT option would not work because it would be displayed on your website for those with js disabled. Another, more sound option is the following which sould be applied to the bottom of the main content that's being stolen.
                    <p style="text-align: center;">"Article Name" Copyright &copy; 2023 <a href="http://www.yoursite.com">www.yoursite.com</a><br>If found anywhere else on the internet it was obtained illegally and should be considered <strong style="color:red;">Stolen Content</strong>!<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">if(window.top.location.hostname!="www.yoursite.com"){window.top.location.href="http://www.yoursite.com";}</script></p>
                    With the text as part of the content instead of being placed in the website footer, this ensures that the copyright and link info will be taken too. The text will still be used for those with js disabled and you can cause problems for those who stole your content with the javascript by sending them to the actual page on your site. You can also include a transparent image, like the tracking systems do, that reports the website domain to a php script in order to build a BlackList.
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