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output from Access database won't display properly

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  • output from Access database won't display properly


    Please take a look at this link:


    Using the select menu, choose Washington. As you can see, for the fields which don't contain website links, the output from the Access database looks fine. With a link, however, the display falls apart. I have played around with <td> widths and styles in the attached code, but I haven't found anything that will give me the results I am looking for. The website field in Access is text datatype with a lengh of 75 characers.

    Any ideas as to why the output will not display properly?


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    With the number of problems on this page it's amazing how well it looks. The basic problem is that you have a series of one row tables instead of one table with a lot of rows, that causes each row to have it's own size, something that's not readily apparent except on rows where the link is present.

    Why do you have the same id="xxx" repeated in several fields? Didn't you know that all id fields are supposed to be unique? If you wish to use the same style on multiple fields you use a "class", not "id".

    I also note that you use <span> tags which are covering then entire content of each of your table cells, ditch the <span> tags and apply the styles (via classes) directly to the TD tags. It'll lighten your code significantly

    You also have an extra <head> and <body> tags, that's just plain wrong. In your menu wherever you have:


    You need to move the semicolon inside the qoute marks or delete it entirely, where it is right now it's useless. The &amp; in your "SCREEN &amp STORM DOORS" menu item needs to be &amp;mp; or it'll get lost by browsers other than IE.

    You've got </body></html> tags well inside the true end of your page. Some browsers might just decide you're done and loose the rest of your content. Remove those extra tags.

    Make sure all your <link> tags are between the <head> and the </head> tags, they are not valid when placed into the <body></body> tags.

    You have a number of <tr></tr> pairs in your table(s) which aren't valid without at least one <th></th> or <td></td> pair embedded inside. In this case I think they are just excess and you should remove them, if they were there for spacing purposes you should use a margin style instead.

    That looks like a lot of problems but none of those should take you too much time and you'll get a much lighter web page as a result.
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      Hi Roy,

      Thanks for all your input. You had some good suggestions. I have spent the last couple of hours incorporating those suggestions into my code. In addition to your comments, I had to make on more change and that, apparently, was what was really needed. The table needed an overall width. Now that I have made all those changes, the page works like a charm.

      Thanks again.