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    Hi, im having a bit of trouble getting certain divs to go to the right place in the webpage.



    The "content" div should be centered, and be on the right of the menu. The "link" section should be on the right of the content section. Can anyone help me out on this problem? And on the bottom, there is a copyright bar, just like the bar under the logo. How can the copyright bar be placed on the bottom?

    Also, is there a way to prevent the links from moving when you mouse them over?

    Yes, you may have guessed, im not so good at css.
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    By just glancing at it, try float:left on all your boxes to fit it into the screen. For a fluid layout at different resolutions, use a percentage for width.

    menu float:left;width:25%
    maincontent float:left;width:50%
    links float:left;width:25%

    The menu links move because you've told them to go bold when hovered. You'll have to add padding to accomodate this.

    There are some basic 3 column models out there somewhere...you can always search here or on the web.
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    Zoobie or not Zoobie...That is the problem.
    <body onUnload="flush( ! )">


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      Ok, I the layout is starting to look like the way it's supposed to.

      The only thing thats bothering me now is that when you resize the window horizontally (drag left and right), the link menu doesn't move with the main box... It stays 800px from the left edge. How can I position it so that when the page is resized, it's right edge stays in contact with the main box's inner right edge. Basically, it should be like the menu box (on the left), which stays there even when the page is resized.