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horizontal drop down menu for iframe

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  • horizontal drop down menu for iframe

    Hello... I initially posted my question under JavaScript Programming > Dynamic Drive Scripts Help since the initial script I planned on using came from Dynamic Drive. http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamic...vmenu/index.htm

    The problem is, I couldn't get the script to work on iframe and my post under Dynamic Drive Scripts Help has been atleast couple days old and unless it attracts the writer of the script himself, I don't think anyone can help me with my question.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to do is have a horizontal menu that has drop down options and upon clicking the link would open the page in my iframe.

    What I'd like to accomplish is upon click on the menu's link under About, click on Sun-Rey Sharpei at http://www.riceroni.com/pink/p1.html and for it to open in my iframe that I called 'cwindow.

    Right now, the only actual page that's associated with a link is the About > "Sunrey sharpei" which is linked to sunrey.htm. I'd like it to open in my iframe but it doesn't. Right now, I'm just considering using another alternative. I was told that perhaps this script that I'm trying to use just simply isn't designed for iframes.

    Does anyone know of a script that looks just like the horizontal drop down menu that would work with an iframe? Any suggestions?


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    i'm done...

    to those of u that atleast read my issue, thanks for your time. i shall now move on with simpler things that i know i can do.


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      Have you even tried using the forums Search Feature?
      Question regarding the HV Menu are asked nearly everyday in the Dynamic Drive Script Help Forum. There must be hundreds of threads regarding the HV Menu and your particular question certainly has been asked and answered before.

      Here is one you could have found yourself considering everything you were looking for is in the thread title.

      Additionally, when needing help with a script which uses multiple external files, it would help us help you if you included links or an attachment to a text copy of the external javascript file(s) so we can quickly view the script without the need to chase the the various files down in your source, or worse yet, download the zip file from Dynamic Drive.