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  • simple HTML anchor sub menu


    I am trying to get a website developed. Nothing that complicated. The basic functionality would be a main menu on the left with menu buttons.Each menu button would load text into another form text box on the main frame. The text is divided by main headings. I also want sub menu buttons to load and be visible on the top of the page when a user clicks a main menu button , these sub menu buttons would have the same headings as the headings in the text and when a user clicks one of them it would jump to that part of the text. This would be to limit scrolling. So its something like an html anchor although it would be a seperate script that would load on a menu button being clicked and the number of sub menu items would change depending on the number of headings in the text.

    If possible can anyone point me in the right direction for an example of this that you may know of online? So i can clearly explain it with example? Also maybe even a simple script to explain?

    Many Thanks

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    Since your descript is sorely lacking, I'm afraid (not really) you'll have to go fetch us an example...or just go without.
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      What your asking for is simple enough, if you code the pages one by one. But I have a feeling your after a dynamic table of contents.

      If you are in fact looking for a dynamic solution it may be more complex. I would shy away from a client-side javascript solution because then your navigation would be usless for those with it disabled.

      Is the content for the pages already coded?
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        Contents page is coding in a seperate frame within a form box. the site is split into a header frame left frame and main center frame.

        thats the site. the menu buttons on the left load text into the text box on contents frame. i need sub menu items loaded on the top frame below the graphic. For example : On the right there wont be tree view only single button for each main item. when user clicks products the ENTIRE products text will load with sub menu items of : Products , Enpower, Resco and Reports which when clicked will jump to that heading in the text.



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          wow is that an Iframe inside of a frame?.....thats a first
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