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  • Lock into Iframe?

    I have a scenario where I use a a javascript to obtain a username and password for an FTP site, then upon clicking the login button uses that information to create the URL that the person logs into. All of this takes place in an inline frame, but I sam having a couple of small problems.

    First, I would like to contrain all of those windows to the fram, and though initially it opens in the frame, subsequest folder openings pop open a new window.

    Second, I have no mechanism for my users to control the window. IE they cannot go back since there is no control menu in the frame. This is particularly anoying when going several directories deep into an ftp site, and then wanting to go back.

    I have set up a URL for anyone to look at and give me some ideas on how to solve this.

    go to http://www.imagineering-online.com/downloads.htm

    click on the ftp link

    use test and test for the user and password.

    If you reproduce what I and my users are seeing, you will login to the site within the frame with no controls. Clicking any folder will open it into a new window.

    Now some of the controls that I have used to create this are a little unfamiliar to me (I am not the normal designer), so I will gladly take any corrections you may have to offer.

    Thanks for any help!

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    had a couple of chuckles watching the Flash stuff.

    think your problem is related to how you target your link.
    first, give your Iframe a name, just like you would for a normal
    frame( e.g., "myframename"). then use target="myframename"
    with your link.


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      naming the frame

      Glad you enjoy the content!

      As far as naming the frame, have already done so.

      If you check the source, you will find that the Iframe name is I1.


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        I'm thinking it has nothing to do with the IFrame name (Although, you could try using the id property instead of the name property - this probably wont change much though)

        Because you're using FTP, It's just loading IEs FTP interface, when you click on a folder or something, it'll open it in the full window because the toolbar needs to change to display all of the FTP control buttons.

        I'm not sure that there's a way around this.



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          I can't give a specific example, but I know I have been to sites where essentially the "whole" new window, including toolbar, is included inside the frame.

          This would be no different than manually browsing to a different site within a site with frames. Some sites will load that new window within their frame.

          I guess this is what I am trying to do, just don't know how...

          I hope I am explaining it clearly...


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            Wouldn't happen to be a user-created interface, would it?

            I don't think I've ever seen this (what you're trying to accomplish) before - which makes it harder for me to help you

            If you come accross any examples, post them here, cause I'd like to see this..



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              I can't say for certain...I am not entirely sure how to proceed, if you know what I mean.


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                Originally posted by jmacmillan
                I can't say for certain...I am not entirely sure how to proceed, if you know what I mean.
                Ahh yes, the proverbial "What do I do next" stage... I know what that's like, and I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance to you...