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  • Adapt pages to IE

    I have developed a web site in Chrome and also checked it in Opera and Firefox. It looks good in these browsers but not in Internet Explorer 11 or 8. Some basic functions like "log in" are not working. How can I fix the pages to work with IE? Is it important to get it to work in all versions of IE (8, 10 and 11)?

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    First check your HTML and then your CSS code at https://validator.w3.org/ This is the law as to coding and much better then checking it in browsers. Although checking in browsers is good, just not the final word.
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      Sunfighter is right - In a troubleshooting state, it's always best to validate the page. That way you'll know whether or not code structure is the problem. Also, the Login functionality is a bit vague, but it's possible that it might be a javascript issue; maybe a syntax error...not sure since there's not much to go on. It all depends on how the login process is programmed. IE should have debug menus (F12) to help you. It's not as good as Chrome or Firebug, but it'll at least inform you if the page is in error.