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problem with a list of links in html email

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  • problem with a list of links in html email

    I have a django app that generates a list of user configurable links. One of the users complained that when the link names get long, they look like they run together and get crowded. I suggested a pipe symbol to separate them, but I've been having some trouble getting it to work correctly.

    <td align="left" class="long-text links-color" style="text-align: left; font-size: 12px; font-family: HelveticaNeue-Light, sans-serif; color: #3f3f3f;">
                                                <p style=
                                                "margin: 1em 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;margin-top: 0px;">
                                                    {% for link in title_list %} 
                                                     <a href="{{link.1}}" style=
                                                    "display: inline; font-size: 12px; color: blue;">
                                                    {{link.0}}</a><p style="display: inline;">&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
                                                     {% endfor %}<br>
    This all works, basically, except for one thing. The first link appears on the first line, then there's a line break. The first pipe ( | ) appears on the second line, then all subsequent links, and their pipe symbols, appear properly on the next line.

    I just can't figure out why the first link appears all by itself on the first line. Any advice is much appreciated.

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    I have never used Django, so take this with a grain of salt. But logically, to me. the P tag is a block level tag. Maybe try changing the p style="display: inline;" to a span tag?

    I will try to look into this more, but that is the only thing I could think of as of now.

    Good luck!
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