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    Hi, everyone!

    I currently use Weebly Pro to build my site. Recently I tried modifying some CSS with tutorials I found online for the purpose of making my blog sidebar wider to accommodate 300x600 ads and I also tried widening the entire page. I successfully widened the page, cannot see any discernible change to the sidebar, and now I have one black strip on the side of my site as well as an unneeded horizontal scroll bar! I'm going bonkers, as I've now spent hours trying to fix all of this myself to no avail and would greatly appreciate any and all assistance with getting my site back right where I need it. I am happy with the width of the content, but would still like to have the sidebar accommodate 300x600 ads, AND I really want to get rid of that black strip and horizontal scroll bar if nothing else! The scrollbar/strip is site-wide, but the sidebar is only blog content here: moon and spoon and yum. - Blog -- moon and spoon and yum.

    I so very greatly appreciate any and all help with this!

    Thank you.