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Responsive site not working on mobile

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  • Responsive site not working on mobile

    Hello,first time here, and hoping someone could clarify what is going on with my responsive landing page. I am modifying a template I downloaded to create a 1 pager. I built it in Dreamweaver, where everything works as expected. My final platform is Pardot, where I split up the html, css & JS appropriately.

    Now, when i ciew the site on mobile, it doesnt work the same way it does while in Dreamweaver's preview in browser feature. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what could be going wrong I'd appreciate it.

    The page in question is go.datis.com/resourcelp

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    https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/artic...webdesign-5972 (skip the advertising and scroll down to the heading “The Crux”)
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      Hm, I added that meta tag, but I dont see any difference. When i drag & resize the window in the Dreamweaver preview, the sections stack for mobile view. This doesnt happen with my live version. Here is a screenshot of the problem on the live version:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2016-09-27 14.01.18.jpg
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      As you can see, the sections don't rearrange. Also, the wrappers in the background fail to fill the width of the page.


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        At least one of your problems is this rule on line 15 in skel.css (specifically the code highlighted in red):

        .container {
                margin-left: auto;
                margin-right: auto;
                /* width: (containers) */
                [COLOR=#FF0000]width: 1200px;[/COLOR]
        Change that to max-width and it should get better.
        Stop solving problems you don’t yet have!


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          I think that did the trick! Everything arranges correctly now when scaled down to mobile size. You are a wizard.